Moving Away

I am considering moving away, bringing in some big change in my life and starting over somewhere. Do I need to? Maybe no. But do I want to? Yes. I want to. I want to get out of the house and do something. And the place where I live is limiting in that regard. I cannot simply go out and do something. I cannot go out and roam around, I cannot go out and travel alone. I am just so dependent on others, my friends and family. But I want freedom. I want to feel in charge of where my life is heading, and sleeping in my parents’ apartment, handed food in my hand in my room by my mom, is not the way to go. It is not bad in my country to live with your parents but I think there is a reason why west came up with the term of moving out. Because the process of moving out and fending for yourself is what gives you ultimate power, what makes you responsible. It is scary, yes. Will I feel lonely? Will I feel afraid? Will I get tired of doing so much work for my livelihood? Yes I guess so. But don’t I feel lonely already even when I am with friends and family, when sometimes I am not able to completely express myself? Don’t I still feel afraid when I feel my life is going nowhere, that I am a loser? Don’t I feel bad that my mom has to do manual work on my behalf because I live under her roof? So it makes sense to start over, right? Hopefully it will transform my life, or atleast me as a person, in a good way. Is this post a way to seek validation and assurance from others on my decision? Yes it is. But despite how much validation we may seek from others, we kind of always know internally what we really want to do. And this time I feel like I really want this.

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8 thoughts on “Moving Away”

  1. Trust in yourself. Trust in the one above. This move, this journey, will possibly be the greatest decision of your life. I don’t know if you’re ever truly “ready” to move out of your parent’s home, you sort of end up doing it on faith, on the promise that there is more waiting out there for you. Good luck, Aishwarya.

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  2. I absolutely love your honesty in these pieces. From my own experience, I would recommend to anyone to move out and start the journey of freedom and getting to know yourself more. Nobody is the same and we all have different relationships with our parents, somebody wants the ‘alone space’ more, somebody less. But in any case, I feel like moving out is something everybody should do or at least try out. Follow that inner feeling you are having, trust that you will have your back in any situation, and believe you deserve good life and are able to create it. ❤

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