Does she have it all sorted?

I often lay awake at night and wonder, do people look at me, and think that she has it all sorted?

Because in my head, I am clearly doing it all wrong. I look at various other people, and just pick some aspects of their lives which appeal to me and conclude that they are living the best life there is to live.

Some have an amazing partner, and they never had to go through multiple break ups to find them. It’s almost as if they are reaping the benefits of some good karma in another lifetime.

While others have a successful career, they are living in a better country, earning more money and getting far more opportunities to grow.

Others are just happy in what they have, be it less or more. They have some passion that brings them joy, be it travelling, writing, making reels, anything. But they enjoy it so much that they hardly have time to worry about what others are doing, what they themselves are lacking.

And here I am, wondering why I am doing things so wrong that I am not satisfied at all. There is no lack of opportunity for me to achieve any of the above. It’s the courage and the determination where I lag behind. And sometimes, the culprit is not knowing what I really want and the will to go after it.

I feel that many unsaid standards have been set by the world on the quality of life and we are always comparing ourselves against them. The worst part is, these standards keeps on changing, so even if we achieve one thing, tomorrow there would be a new goal in town and our achievement would get obsolete. And because of just following the herd, we often miss out on finding what we really want while trying to keep up with the world.

Also, I am not blind or immature. I know about the truth of social media and what people slow in their stories is far from reality. I know that the lives of others look more rosy from the outside and in their normal every day lives, they are struggling too.

I hope that even my life looks better from the outside and all my inner turmoils aren’t visible.

And so I wonder, do people look at me, and think that she has it all sorted?

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5 thoughts on “Does she have it all sorted?”

  1. Just today I wondered, “Where is she? I haven’t seen anything from her lately.” So I was delightfully surprised to see your post in my inbox tonight. That someone on the other side of the world looks forward to what you have to say — “unsorted” and all, is significant in my mind.

    You stand apart—authentic to the core.

    When you see your ship go sailing
    When you feel your heart is breaking
    Hold on tight to your dream

    It’s a long time to be gone
    Time just rolls on and on
    When you need a shoulder to cry on
    When you get so sick of trying
    Hold on tight to your dream

    When you get so down that you can’t get up
    And you want so much but you’re all out of luck
    When you’re so downhearted and misunderstood
    Just over and over and over you could . . .

    When you see the shadows falling
    When you hear that cold wind calling
    Hold on tight to your dream . . .

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      1. Thank you kindly! I had written a longer reply with some music to share — but I decided I’d just share those thoughts in pieces from time to time (by sharing some songs and a few lyrics from them). You may or not not like the songs, but I’m certain you’ll appreciate the spirit behind them.

        Some songs will just be fun and others will have a message. One of my favorites is this song below — and I thought you’d especially appreciate lines like “Collidin’ with the very air she breathes.”

        Your writing certainly reflects that sense of yearning and struggle — and I can relate:

        Somewhere on a desert highway
        She rides a Harley-Davidson
        Her long blonde hair flyin’ in the wind
        She’s been runnin’ half her life
        The chrome and steel she rides
        Collidin’ with the very air she breathes
        The air she breathes

        And believe it or not — this is one of my favorites as well. Just pure joy. The first time I heard this song below — I was as blown away as I was by the song above:


  2. Oh! You figured out well on each point your mind has. Some times life is lije that with mess though having everything n capabilities to do/achieve anything. Wish you more power n peace to get things on track ❤

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