I am insecure

I am insecure
That what I feel is un-relatable
It is silly, weird
Will make people mock me
And so I keep my feelings bottled up inside

I am insecure
That what I say is never heard of
Nobody will value my opinion
I will be proven wrong and ridiculed
So I stayed taciturn

I am insecure
That what I write is not a piece of art
I don’t use fancy words
And nobody wants simplicity
So I keep a secret journal

I am insecure
That I am not special
But I am not common either
I don’t fit in with the society
So I became invisible.

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Transitioning to converting my thoughts into blogs from talking to myself about them

13 thoughts on “I am insecure”

  1. The courage to be different and stand alone is brave and bold — not insecure. The lyrics below are from a song called Paranoid Eyes by Pink Floyd — and they embody the insecure who pretend to be strong but are weak.

    You pretend nothing. Much of what is wrong in the world can be encapsulated in these 4 lines alone — with how far people will go to preserve how they see themselves. You preserve nothing that is not real (not what I’ve seen, anyway).

    You are what’s right with the world.

    Button your lip and don’t let the shield slip
    Take a fresh grip on your bullet proof mask
    And if they try to break down your disguise with their questions
    You can hide hide hide behind Paranoid Eyes

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      1. Glad you enjoyed them!

        Life-altering for me . . . as mentioned on my site:

        I still remember the exact moment when I was mesmerized by Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut. I walked into a dark room down at some friends’ house and they had the album blaring.

        Even cranked up there was a soul-searching quietude in the tunes that seamlessly flowed from one into the other.

        I had never heard anything like it.

        But what struck me most was the imagery in Waters’ words. And from that moment on, I’ve been on a never-ending quest to craft such quality.

        Note: Growing up in cold-war ’80s — such words hit home it ways that they don’t fully resonate today.

        The rusty wire that holds the cork
        That keeps the anger in
        Gives way and suddenly
        It’s day again
        The sun is in the east
        Even though the day is done
        Two suns in the sunset
        Could be the human race is run . . .

        And as the windshield melts and my tears evaporate
        Leaving only charcoal to defend
        Finally I understand the feelings of the few
        Ashes and diamonds
        Foe and friend
        We were all equal in the end

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      1. Something else to consider. When I wrote a thank-you note regarding those who inspired my site, I also thanked those who didn’t: “I gotta give a shout-out to the pooh-poohers of possibility too. Forever on the front lines of lowering the bar while I’m trying to raise it — you’ve been a constant companion almost all my life. Where would I be without you?”

        I’ve used every experience to sharpen my writing, communication skills, and self-awareness . It wouldn’t matter what I said or how I said it — these people would refuse to listen and learn. But it’s opportunity to grow regardless.

        In other words: As the world gets worse, we get better.

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      1. Master and Commander. Sorry, I neglected to mention the name. ;o)

        Other great movies I think you’d like (not necessarily in any order). Bet you’ll be surprised by the last one. ;o)

        Lawrence of Arabia
        The Fountainhead
        From Here to Eternity
        The African Queen
        The Bridge on the River Kwai
        Johnny Guitar
        Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

        Oh, also — I came across this interesting channel by a guy who covers a lot of ground. The name of his channel alone will spark your interest: Empire of the Mind: Thinkers live the richest lives.

        I believe you are going to live a very rich life — and already are!


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