Unspoken words

Have you ever been in something that was almost a relationship, but never really materialized into one? There was something from both sides but no one ever said anything and then just like that, you drifted apart. You were sad about it but sad about what exactly, you don’t know. You think about what could have been, but what it would have been, you’ll never know.

The worst part is that this was not one sided. It was there, felt by both of you, but the timing was wrong. You don’t even know what to make of it, what to share to make your heart feel lighter. You want it to happen, and this time you want to make an effort. But will there be this time ever again? Will there be a second chance?

You have imagined many perfect scenarios in your mind, where it turned into a happily ever after. And it pierces your heart to snap back into reality, knowing that this perfect little scenario is just a figment of your imagination, and is almost as unreal and non-existent as the magic world. Maybe somewhere in your heart, you will choose to find out what it could have been over getting into Hogwarts for one day. Because you are intrigued by the mere possibility. That it could have been. Maybe you just want to live like that for one day to convince yourself that it was not a good idea in the first place and that’s the reason that it did not happen, that you did not lose out on something beautiful.

But can you? Can you ever stop wondering about it? Can you ever get over it?

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Transitioning to converting my thoughts into blogs from talking to myself about them

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