Moving on.

What exactly is moving on? Is it when you stop thinking about someone you broke up with? Accepting the reality and making room for someone new to enter your life, if a situation comes?

I am shifting to a new apartment and hence got down to the task of packing my things. I have the habit of not throwing away things easily and keeping them with me, be it letters written by friends or lovers, old clothes, anything. I have had some pair of jeans and T-shirts that I have kept with me for the last 5 years and hardly ever worn. I have been to college, then back home, then moved to a new city for work, and yet I have carried the baggage of those clothes with me everywhere. Today I gathered the courage to let them go. They are not fancy or expensive clothes that should take courage to let go off, but just a promise to myself that one day I will lose some weight and fit into them, one day I will buy something matching and wear them. But I never did. And I know I never will. It’s better to give them away to someone who needs them and will actually wear them.

Isn’t this moving on? Moving on from some baggage of your past? Which you don’t know why you have held onto for so long, but yet you do. It takes courage to even let go off something this small sometimes but when you do, you feel amazing!

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